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In 1977, L. Stephen Wolfe, and Roy L. Wysack collaborated on a book about the first human colonies in space.  The book was called Pioneers from Earth, and was later published by Grosset and Dunlap under the title Handbook for Space Pioneers

Over the last 40 some years, the idea of humans colonizing space has not gone away.  In fact the idea is more exciting today since the recent discovery of other star systems with planets in the 'habitable zone', the orbit around a sun that has the best chance for locating another earth-like planet.

It is the intention of the authors of Handbook for Space Pioneers and creators of the "Galactic Association of Intelligent Life" (GAIL), to offer the book online for free to share our ideas with those than can visualize how exciting such a venture would be. In our minds, it's not a matter 'if' humans will inhabit other planets, it is just a matter of 'when'. 

But why wait?  We can share this vision in our minds now.  We are asking our readers to share their visions with us, and we plan to take the best ideas, stories, and artwork, and add it to our website

Together, we can take the Handbook for Space Pioneers to the next level.  Please visit now, and share in the adventure of knowledge and discovery.  Look at our ideas for colonizing exoplanets, and send us yours!


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"Just as a star's light shines across the galactic void, the life of its planets transcends individual worlds.  Earth's life has out-grown it, sucked dry its resources, polluted its air and water, and crowded its lands from shore to shore.

Today begins our migration to new worlds and to a new fresh, clean life for Humankind.  As we spread across the galaxy, we will grow in wisdom, knowledge and ability.  This wisdom will in turn revitalize the Earth that nurtured us.  You who depart today comprise the first droplets of a giant flood that soon will follow, for nature dictates that all people will become PIONEERS FROM EARTH!"

From remarks by Lee Alan,
Director of Space Flight Operations,
International Council for Space Exploration
at the departure ceremonies for the first Wyzdom pioneers, 23 April, 2114 adtc. 

excerpted from Handbook For Space Pioneers

a manual of the Galactic Association (Earth Branch)

© Pioneers From Earth