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In 1977, L. Stephen Wolfe, and Roy L. Wysack collaborated on a book about the first human settlers on habitable exoplanets (planets in other star systems). The book was called Pioneers from Earth, and was later published by Grosset and Dunlap (US) and David and Charles (UK) under the title Handbook for Space Pioneers.  

In the late 1970s, astronomers had yet to discover physical evidence of ANY planets orbiting other stars let alone exoplanets that would be habitable by humans. Today, scientists have discovered 14 earth-sized planets orbiting other suns that get about as much radiation as earth, and they’re just getting started. Thousands of exoplanets have already been discovered but to be habitable by humans an exoplanet requires a certain set of criteria.  At the least, a habitable exoplanet needs water, a breathable atmosphere,  and climates and gravity similar to ours on earth.  In our minds, the question is not if such a planet will be discovered, but when.

In light of current discoveries and the belief that HABITABLE EXOPLANETS EXIST,  the authors of Handbook for Space Pioneers and creators of the "Galactic Association of Intelligent Life - Earth Branch" (GAILE) have published their work online for free to share with those who want to visualize how exciting habitable exoplanet colonization could be. We want to see the GAILEarth.com site become a worldwide cooperative science fiction project where creative people can contribute their ideas about what life on habitable exoplanets might be like when we get there.

To that end we need contributions from artists, engineers, architects, map-makers, 3D modelers, scientists, and writers who want to create life, living spaces, and natural environments that people might find on habitable exoplanets. If you’d like to participate or just see what we’re creating visit GAILEarth.com now, and share in the adventure. Look at our ideas for settling habitable exoplanets, and send us yours!

GAILE is also pleased to announce the availability of the original Handbook for Space Pioneers in Kindle format for those 'pioneers' that like the page turning feel of a book.  Copies may be purchased for a nominal price on Amazon.com.

Photo Credit: NASA/Adler/U. Chicago/Wesleyyan/JPL-Caltech


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Today begins our migration to new worlds and to a new fresh, clean life for Humankind.  As we spread across the galaxy, we will grow in wisdom, knowledge and ability.  This wisdom will in turn revitalize the Earth that nurtured us.  You who depart today comprise the first droplets of a giant flood that soon will follow, for nature dictates that all people will become PIONEERS FROM EARTH!"

From remarks by Lee Alan,
Director of Space Flight Operations,
International Council for Space Exploration
at the departure ceremonies for the first Wyzdom pioneers, 23 April, 2114 BCET 

excerpted from Handbook For Space Pioneers

a manual of the Galactic Association (Earth Branch)

© 1977-2016 L.Stephen Wolfe and Roy L. Wysack